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Why Don’t Pastors Teach Bible Prophecy?!

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Prophecy Fulfilled

Prophecy Fulfilled (Photo credit: Waiting For The Word)

By Gordon King

Hello folks, I pray that God is guiding you in spirit and truth!

I went to church today, as I do every Sunday.  The pastor led a great sermon and nine people were baptized in water today! 

Praise God!

However, there is one thing that really bothers me about most churches today,  I have never heard any teaching about bible prophecy!  I have a strong craving for biblical prophecy.  Prophecy is not only found in Revelation, but throughout the bible.  God even tells us that there is a special blessing for those that read, hear and believe his prophecy!

Revelation 1  New International Version


1 The revelation from Jesus Christ, which God gave him to show his servants what must soon take place. He made it known by sending his angel to his servant John, who testifies to everything he saw—that is, the word of God and the testimony of Jesus Christ. Blessed is the one who reads aloud the words of this prophecy, and blessed are those who hear it and take to heart what is written in it, because the time is near.

So what gives?  Why is prophecy not taught in the church?  It is part of God’s word.  In fact about 30% of the bible (according to sources on the internet) is prophecy.  So why is this not taught?!  This withholding of God’s Word from the church is, to me, a sin.  I am probably going to get many comments on what I just said, but, what else would you call it?  I don’t know, but, it can’t be a good thing.  Could it?

God gave us his prophecy for a reason, not just to fill the pages of a book!  He gave it to us so that we would know what is coming, to prepare and watch.  Bible prophecy not only tells us what is to come, but is a witness to the authenticity of God’s Word.  Bible prophecy therefore, is proof for the existence of God!

So why don’t most churches today teach about prophecy?  Well, this is why I think that they don’t:

  • 1)  Lack of knowledge and education.
  • 2)  Afraid to make people uncomfortable.
  • 3)  Believe that Revelation is allegorical.
  • 4)  Afraid to teach judgement and wrath.
  • 5)  Only want to teach love, peace and harmony.
  • 6)  Do not believe in the imminent return of Jesus Christ.

I don’t know about you, but, I say “HogWash!”.  God wants us to read and study the entire bible, not just the parts that feel good.  We are not to pick and choose what to study and believe.  The entire bible is the truth and word of God Almighty!  If you do not believe that then why do you believe any of it?  What makes a pastor better than anyone else, that he can choose what he wants to preach about?  Nothing!  Not one darn thing!  Not that I don’t appreciate the work they do for the Lord or feel that they don’t have a special calling on their life.   They do, of course.  With that being said, I believe that this places a unique responsibility upon them.  They need to take serious the entire word of God.  They need to be teaching the church all of what God has to tell us and not just bits and pieces!!!  They will be held accountable before God.

I thank God for the pastors that we do have who are not afraid to speak the whole truth.  I also pray for all of the other pastors to grow a spiritual backbone and teach the whole bible!   We don’t have much time left, Jesus is returning soon for his bride. 

Many people believe as many pastors do: “Teach love and peace, but, just leave out all of the difficult stuff!  That’s not important!”  Baloney!  If you are one of them, then I pray for God to bless you and show you the whole truth, not just a part of it!  I say this out of love and compassion.

May God Bless you all!       Praise God!     Maranatha!      Come quickly Lord Jesus, we eagerly await your return!     :-)


  1. This is Pastor Don Roby “Church of the Word” 12025 N. Arizona Ave in Youngtown, Ariz. I also believe that many Pastors are only making their congregation feel good and leaving out all 50 of the commandments of Jesus Christ. Taking for granite every one in their church is a born again Christian..
    This is not true. They don’t preach repentance or have alter call ( invitation to confess that they are sinners and receive Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. They sing “When we all get to heaven” No place in the Bible, the Word of God says we are all going to heaven.. The Bible does say “Unless a man be born again he will not inter the kingdom of God. And does tell you the sinners that will inter in when Jesus comes for the church (His Bride) I am preaching the last days because my Spirit is saying to me “Make known the Day of the Lord” This is the only Prophecy that has not been fulfilled. Praise God
    for His Glory. I am ministering why Jesus said to repent because of the sin that is all around us today.
    Today people don’t want to hear the truth because of the Mind Control that is taken place in the world by by Satan, the Antichrist and his helpers the antichrists. in the 7 mountains, In education, in the workplace, even in homes, In churches. (False teaching cause by religion, I don’t preach religion, I preach the Word of God. Amen

  2. daauthor50 says:

    Isaiah 30 beginning with verse 8 sums up the matter rather nicely. Books like what I have written are not very popular because it involves study something few have the stomach for. Godbless

  3. The Church Of Jesus Christ of latter day Saints DO TEACH ON THE PROPHECIES but too few know about us Christians!

  4. thronedancer888 says:

    Bella, There are KJV’s that have a Catholic bent to them because they are based on the Catholic version of the Alexandrian texts that came out of Rome which are NOT the same as the authorized KIng James 1611 Bible based on the Textus Receptus! Further, some modern publishing companies have inserted their forwards, notes, changes and most have not been owned by or operated by Christians for a long time- ones like Zondervan, Nelson, etc so you have to be careful not only which KJ Bible you get but the publisher as well. I was appalled and shocked at what I learned and I’m sure if more people knew about how Satan has subtly crept into our Bibles they would be also. husky394xp on utube has done an xlnt expose of these texts so if you feel led to, listen to some of them bec it is too in-depth for here. He narrows it down to about one or two publishers where you can find an authentic, unaltered KJ Bible. Once in there look for the series on bible versions exposed or something like that. He even exposes the American Bible society!

  5. ~terri says:

    We were blessed about 30 years ago to have been part of a church family, when we lived in Oklahoma, and the pastor gave wonderful Bible Studies and included prophecy! The pastor in Hawaii, J.D. Farag, reminds me so much of that pastor we had. Miss it so very much. Only church we ever went to 30 years ago that taught prophecy, and we have been to many churches which ended up being only ‘lukewarm.’ Sad and it is sorely needed this day in age!

  6. thronedancer888 says:

    Gordon, I have also wondered the same thing but long since given up on traditional churches. Fear could be another reason and I’m sure there are more reasons but I suspect that the bottom line is that many pastors are not even born again or have the Holy Spirit. It takes that to understand the book of Revelation. Most I hear are not even getting the obvious 2/3rds of the Word right so can you imagine how they would botch it up if they tried? It is a sad state of affairs but Jesus said that in the last days it would be like this.
    Further I highly recommend using the King James Bible as all other versions have been perverted and have either added or taken away words and in some cases entire sentences! Just a little research is all it takes and allowing the Holy Spirit to reveal the truth.

    • Bella says:

      Thronedancer888, I have to agree to disagree with you, on the KJV, in that Bible where it says Easter, they mistranslated it, it was Hebrew Pesach = Passover not both Greek and Latin Pascha=Easter, there are a lot of mistranslations in there… Do some research on it… You have to remember in the KJV it says Easter one time, and that is only in the KJV, no other Bible.. And also there are a few other Bibles that are perverted?, like the NIV, and the Catholic, I have a Bible that replaces the Son and Fathers Names, their true Names, its called the Scriptures..

      I am not Hebrew or Jewish, I just love Yah so much that I search for Him with all my heart ,mind and soul and strength, and being,

      Have a Blessed Day,

      • thronedancer888 says:

        Bella, I am so glad you commented. You mentioned the “Scriptures” which is a Bible I used to have thinking it was superior because it emphasized the Jewishness of the Bible we so longed for in the Jewish Roots group I used to belong to. I later learned that it is based on the ancient Alexandrian Text not the Textus Receptus and is itself a corrupted version replaced with Hebrew names for God, Jesus, etc. I highly recommend the research of Dr. G. Riplinger who has years of in depth research into all the Bible versions and lays each verse out side by side so that you can actually see the errors and omissions for yourself. As for the Easter “mistranslation”, I refer you to David J. Stewart, “Easter is not a mistranslation” and others like husky394xp on utube, and Chick Publications. Then the Holy Spirit will show you why the KJ Bible is the only one to have the word Easter, and along the way I think you will be shocked and amazed at how brazen our enemy is and how far he will go to in order to deceive us.
        Shalom in Yeshua Hamashiach

        • Bella says:

          I also wanted to say in the KJV 1611, I had bought, it also had in Christmas and easter, in the front of the book, and what to pray on those days,and what days to pray to what Saints, We are only to pray to Yah through His son, we are not to pray to the dead, not even His mother Mary,and if you are going to read a KJV might as well get the catholic Bible same one really… Shalom Bella

      • Lyn Leahz says:

        I would like to add something. King James has quite a few translational errors in it..including the word WINE. The interpreters called grape juice, vinegar, and fermented wine, wine. For example, when it says Jesus turned water into wine for the wedding guests..he did not. He turned water into grape juice..unfermented wine. Now, due to the lack of refrigeration during those days, it could’ve had an ever so slight fermentation in it, but not much. Grape juice was a delicacy. So, wine was used in all instances, however, in all instances it was not wine. There are more than that. I have heard preachers, even, such as Perry Stone, and more reveal original words and meanings of them. I’m sure you’ve all heard people say they looked up a word in the Greek/Hebrew and it meant something different? This is exactly what I mean. Let’s all remember that the actual Jewish transcripts of the Bible were divinely written by the Holy Spirit. However, the translations of what was divinely written isn’t always perfect. I have, at times, asked God in prayer, “Why is it so hard and so difficult? You are not the author of confusion!” The only answer I get from God is that it wasn’t meant to be that way….that it goes back to Nimrod and the Tower of Babel. God’s Word is sovereign, however man’s doings are not.

  7. Samson Antonio says:



  8. shanemark71 says:

    Hi lyn just to let you know i have added your site onto Saved by Grace , God bless

    • Lyn Leahz says:

      Well thank you so much Shane, and God bless you for that! I hope all is well. I sent you an email btw, the other day..not sure if you got it. Praying for you and your family always! 😉

  9. Bella says:

    Your very welcome brother… I don’t understand either, do you think a lot of people in the church know we are in the end times, like yourself? I don’t go to church, and I know, but I wonder if they can’t see it….

  10. Bella says:

    This is so true Gordon, I haven’t went to church in quite a few years, but they never did talk about it then, and I am sure they still aren’t…This has been far more the best ,most important # 1 blog I have read yet! Reposting on FB…..

    Yahweh Bless you!,

    • Gordon King says:

      Thank you Bella for your kind words of encouragement! I really don’t understand why? I mean, I know their reasons, but, that should not stop them! It is such a travesty to not teach the entire Word of God! Thanks also for the re-blog.
      Bless You! Maranatha!

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