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Holy Health: Out of many excellent natural antivirals, antifungals, and antibacterials, Olive Leaf Extract could be best

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Note from Lyn: I take this wonderful, natural cure-all for everything, and it works!  I take it in vitamin form.  About a year ago, a horrible virus was going around in which everyone I knew of who had it, had it for 6-8 weeks.  I immediately took three Olive Leaf Extract vitamins a day, 3,000 mg’s of vitamin C with bioflavonoids, 60-80 mg’s of zinc, and 5,000 I.U.’s of vitamin D3.  I also drank lot’s of ginger tea with fresh lemon juice. Ginger is also a natural antibiotic, antiviral, and great for circulation!

I had it for exactly one week.  I went to bed feeling horrible one night, and woke up the next morning completely well.  No symptoms whatsoever, not even left over congestion. 

As a result, I wanted to share this natural God-given wonder with you.  And, whenever I get an infection, such as bronchitis, I take this and kills it right off. As a side note, I take Solgar brand.

This natural antiviral works five different (known) ways against a broad spectrum of viruses.

In order to understand how this natural antiviral can bring hope and improvement to almost anyone with a virus infection, one needs to know a little of how viruses work.

 How do viruses work?

Olive leaf blocks Herpesvirus

A virus is not alive as we understand life. Outside of a host it is just a speck of DNA or RNA, (genetic material which controls the identity and function of living cells), usually surrounded by a protein coat. It cannot move, divide or do anything by itself.

A virus enters your body through a cut, mucous membrane (mouth etc.), insect bite etc., and moves with body fluids until it is either discovered by your immune system and destroyed or comes across a type of cell to which it can attach.

Different cells have different receptors which attach to proteins and other substances they need, and the virus coat resembles these proteins.

How does olive leaf extract (oleuropein) block this process?

Virus infection is a highly intricate process disrupting the most complex internal cell functions. To stop this process is just as complicated, and with man-made chemicals highly dangerous.

A natural antiviral such as olive leaf extract does it miraculously without posing any danger to the human cells. This in itself is a feat way beyond current human understanding.

Researchers at the Upjohn pharmaceutical company reported the following antiviral effects (in my simpler words) using a salt made from olive leaf ingredients (Calcium elenolate) in laboratory experiments in live tissue. It had antiviral activity against every virus it was tested on and works as follows:

  • Penetrates into host cells and blocks viral replication.
  • Interferes with the virus’ production of the proteins it needs. (Interference with the virus’ hijacking of your cell function).
  • Inactivates the viruses, preventing their migration from infected cells and their connection with cell membranes.
  • Stops a retrovirus’s production of protease and reverse transcriptase – enzymes a retrovirus such as HIV uses to alter the RNA of a heallthy cell.

In short, olive leaf extract ingredients block a virus’ life cycle, stop it multiplying then call up immune cells to demolish it.
It will likely do this to a greater or lesser degree to any viral infection, and so offers much hope to those who wish to avoid infections or those who need help in combating them.

Natural Antivirals versatilityThere are many foods and herb extracts which are excellent natural antivirals, and probably many more as yet unknown.

Garlic, onions, grapefruit seed extract , oil of oregano all spring to mind having some powerful properties. While the food-type ones are good to eat regularly, there are times when more fire-power is needed.

Olive Leaf Extract has a combination of important properties which few, if any, of the other natural antivirals can boast of having.

Below are some of these:

  • Viral infections often cause ill-defined fevers which cannot be pinpointed, diarrhea or other usually short term illnesses as well as the obvious colds and ‘flu.
  • Olive leaf extract debilitates or destroys most if not all of these.
  • Olive leaf extract is one of the prime natural remedies for herpes (all types) and some sufferers have claimed it to be as effective as the commonly used prescription drug acyclovir.
    Anyone looking for natural remedies for shingles or a herpes natural remedy should consider olive leaf extract.

    Some viral diseases are not preventable or treatable by pharmaceutical drugs, for example Coxsackie virus, Polio and some of the Herpes viruses such as Epstein Barr. A compound (Calcium elenolate) derived from olive leaf in laboratory tests destroyed all of these.

  • ConvenienceOlive leaf extract is one of the best natural cold and ‘flu remedies which you can keep in your kitchen cupboard.
    The tinctures have a shelf-life of about 5 years and the capsules about 2 years and need no special storage other than keeping them out of direct sunlight and at room temperature.They are easy to take, ideally with a little water and as natural antivirals, (food supplements) they require no prescription.
  • EffectivenessWhen you need an antiviral, you need it quickly and you need it to work almost immediately.
    Viruses, once they start replicate rapidly and damage a large number of cells in a short space of time.Olive leaf extracts works quickly. You normally notice a dulling of symptoms within hours of the first few doses. This I have noticed especially using a good tincture as a natural cold remedy or for the ‘flu.On day 3-4 when there is a big reduction of symptoms the risk is now forgetting to take the next few doses – you feel so much better!
    Forgetting now is a big mistake, and you will realise how much the olive leaf was doing when its activity tapers off and the infection returns with a vengeance. It now takes longer to get rid of it.

    Continue for about 3-4 days after feeling completely well again to ensure you’ve got it beaten.

    If the infection was just starting when you began dosing, as with an itchy throat and you caught it early, you may only need a few doses altogether to stop it.

  • Non-damaging to Beneficial Gut BacteriaOlive leaf extract does not appear to damage probiotic bacteria in the gut, a property which separates it from most other natural antivirals.
    This is very important in avoiding recurring infections after overcoming the first one.
  • SafetyThe exceptional lack of toxicity in such a potent antiviral is a miracle in itself.
    You do not have to worry about “finishing a course”. Start or stop taking as you please. Pathogens have not been able to mutate around live leaf extract for thousands of years.

In conclusion, plus a little hint.

Olive leaf extract is in my opinion the first choice in natural antivirals. Not only is it effective in the vast majority of cases, it is easy to use, store and is extremely safe when used as directed. It will not compromise your health later on.

Although one of the best natural flu remedies and a great natural cold remedy, remember olive leaf is not a pain killer.
If you are infected and have painful symptoms, do not expect the pain to go immediately. It will go gradually as the infection is stopped and the body begins to heal.

I have found that a “hot toddy” made of powdered vitamin C, a tablespoon of lemon juice, a teaspoon of honey and 1 “Disprin” (only if you are allowed aspirin, use paracetamol in minimum recommended dose for children) mixed in 1/4 cup of boiling water and drunk hot, takes away a sore throat and post-nasal drip and allows a good night’s sleep.

If you have seasonal allergies and recurring colds and ‘flu it might be a good idea to check these symptoms in case you have a vitamin C deficiency.

Olive Leaf is a natural antibacterial with far-reaching benefits.

The natural antibacterial, olive leaf extract has proven itself in a wide range of applications. It literally breaks a hole into the cell wall of the bacteria allowing the contents to leak out and be destroyed.

First line of defence – your gut

Antimicrobial protection

Human beings have over 500 different species and around 10 trillion bacteria in our intestines alone.
Some of these are essential to our survival, and some, if they become too plentiful can harm us.
More often than not, the general degradation of health leading to a plethora of diseases can be traced back to the gut.

Bad diet, antibiotics, preservatives, certain medications or stress can destroy or give rise to a “climate” in our intestines which is unfavourable to the beneficial bacteria we need in order to live.
An overgrowth of harmful (pathogenic) bacteria, yeasts and other organisms results.
These consume food matter and poison us with their toxic waste products, or turn parasitic and begin to live off the cells of our intestinal walls.

This leads to multiple gut and other problems, and causes a drain on our immune system which lowers resistance to other disease organisms we come into contact with.

Olive Leaf Extract, a natural antibacterial

has an amazing property unparalleled by modern medicine.

Olive leaf can inhibit or destroy a wide range of harmful bacteria, fungi and yeasts while allowing beneficial bacteria to multiply.
This has been found in various experiments, some of which can be done at home.

For example, by adding olive leaf extract to a range of different yoghurt cultures, it can be seen that the formation of yoghurt is not hindered, meaning the bacteria used in the culture were not harmed.

Jacqueline Wildish BA, DIP. BCNH (UK), MBANT, in her article “Gut and Psychology” states that “a whopping 70% of the body’s immune system is concentrated in the gut”.

The healing, antimicrobial and purging effect of olive leaf extract in the gut can’t be overstated.
Together with a good probiotic formula and a healthy diet, olive leaf extract can do much to right an infected, damaged gut and work miracles in terms of specific complaints and general health.

Natural Antibacterial vs Superbugs

A big problem with bacteria is that they mutate.
Antibiotics which were once highly effective become ineffective as bacteria mutate and develop a resistance to them.

Some bacterial strains have become a big problem in hospitals where they have become antibiotic-resistant. They are now “superbugs” and can be lethal to patients who come to hospital for other reasons.
An example is MRSA (Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus) which is a common bacterium which has become resistant to most antibiotics.

Natural antibacterial substances are not easy for bacteria to become resistant to. As natural antibacterial herbs are typically composed of a number of complex substances all working together to produce a result, it is not possible for simple bacteria to mutate around them.

Olive leaves have resisted bacterial attack on themselves for thousands of years which is a good indicator of this property.
The active ingredients (including oleuropein) of this natural antibacterial break down the cell walls of a wide range of pathogenic bacteria so destroying them.

One of the best natural cold and ‘flu remedies, olive leaf extract is also a natural cure for sinusitis.
Often a bacterial sinus infection is complicated by other bacteria which are not killed by the medication used for the first one. This underlying infection brings on recurring attacks of sinusitis.
The same bacteria can also be responsible for chronic bronchitis and the damage they cause can lead to infections by yet others causing pneumonia.(1)

What Olive Leaf Extract users say about this Natural Antibacterial

We have had feedback regarding chronic sinusitis, colds and flu, lung infections, diarrhoea and many other bacterial infections. The following are excerpts from written testimonials received. (Names have been changed).

  • Mrs James says “I take 5 drops of olive leaf daily and find for me it works particularly well in preventing full blown tummy bugs.”
  • “I would like to congratulate to you on an excellent product. At the beginning of winter this year I came across your product at a Pharmacy and decided to try it. Having two little girls and with the winter ahead I was prepared to visit the doctor on a couple of occasions with sick children, so I had nothing to lose.”
  • Throughout the winter I used Olive Leaf Extract for my children, myself and my wife. The result was that we didn’t go to the doctor once for a cold, flu or anything related!! This stuff really works!! Since then, my father-in-law who has a serious lung disease started on your product and has improved dramatically. He in turn convinced his 85 year old mother to try it – another success story. My mother-in-law has convinced almost everybody at her work to start using the product and a couple of my colleagues have tried it as well.
  • Olive Leaf Extract has found a permanent place in my home and many others!” Joe Peterson.
  • “…I would also like to mention that my son Andrew(5 years) really has problems in winter with his chest. When I hear that little cough coming on I give him three drops of olive leaf extract in the evening for three days and you won’t believe that I don’t have a problem again. He seems to get this every time we have a season change as well but I don’t believe keeping him on allergy medicine is the best as his immune system doesn’t get the chance to fight back. Rather Olive Leaf to boost his system and thereafter let his system fight back on its own…” Mrs Samantha Williams

A fitness and body-building professional we knew used small doses of olive leaf tincture as a natural cure for sinusitis.

  • If he stopped taking it for any length of time, his chronic condition would return.
    I suspect that something was causing a build-up of mucous in his sinuses creating the conditions for the infection to return but apart from taking course after course of antibiotics which would further lower his immunity the natural antibacterial olive leaf extract was the only thing which could keep it away.

To find out more about this amazing, natural cure-all, click here  This site offers great, in-depth information on Olive Leaf Extract as a natural cure.


  1. […] Holy Health: Out of many excellent natural antivirals, antifungals, and antibacterials, Olive Leaf Extract could be best […]

  2. Lance says:

    This is very helpful, people and doctors need to focus on prevention instead of just pharma remedies, I myself have a group of supplements when I must fight a cold; Vit. C, zinc, garlic, echinacea, fish or cod liver oil, vit. D, taken together can knock out an infection by morning, in my experience. Your advice on Olive Leaf oil is probably most useful as well. The supplement industry has been under threat by the drug companies, we must be vigilant to preserve our freedoms here, as the medical industry obviously has dropped the ball where the issue of building up immunity to prevent infection is concerned.

    • Lyn Leahz says:

      I used to work for a doctor who dealt with vitamins..a natural doctor. Listen, this is something you probably did not know. You are only supposed to take echinacea for two weeks during an acute state of an infection. Echinacea can cause cancer because it causes your body to mass produce white blood cells. In fact, I knew a woman, that, as a result of taking too much echinacea, ended up with lymphoma. Please believe me when I tell you this. I am only telling you that because so many people take it and have no clue. I have studied herbs and natural cures for many years. Also, in case you did not know, never take 100mg’s of zinc or more for more than 2 weeks…100 mg’s or more of zinc actually reduces the function of your immune system. And when you take vitamin c, be sure to take the one that says “with bioflavonoids” on the label..otherwise, you urinate most of it out. The bioflavonoids help it get absorbed into your cells. God bless you Lance, and thanks so much for your comments and your input. I hope I’ve helped.

  3. robind333 says:

    Definitely something I’ll be trying…Thanks for the post and many, many blessings to you…Robin

  4. Gordon King says:

    I will have to try it out. Always nice to have more natural remedies. I also drink the ginger tea with lemon and honey when I have a cold.

  5. Naphtali says:

    I got some of this. It is part of an Immune Support I am now taking with all kinds of natural ingredients.

    • Lyn Leahz says:

      It works for me! About the only thing that can be negative is if you have severely low blood pressure, it, along with Vitamin C (which is a natural anti inflammatory) can lower your blood pressure. To be honest, though, garlic lowers my BP even worse.

      • Naphtali says:

        My nurse Suzanne loves to take my bp. It is always normal. I am blessed that way. this supplement is part of Dr. Reginald Cherry’s Pathway to Healing. He is a Christian MD with products for everything. I have used his for years.

        • Lyn Leahz says:

          That’s awesome. I used to work for a vitamin/nutrition doctor who is nationally famous..but I can’t say his name because he is from my area and I don’t want to publicly say where I live. He has a radio program. I also took an interest at an early age, having a grandma who was into natural cures, in natural health. It does make you feel much better about yourself instead of loading up on deadly chemicals..you know?

        • Naphtali says:

          Yes, altho I have to take some meds but I don’t like it. I have tried juicing! but I can’t stand it….the smoothies are find but the veggies make me gag. I am hooked on yogurt.

        • Lyn Leahz says:

          LOL! I juice. I do the greens..spinach, kale, carrots. I just add a peach or an orange, and then it doesn’t taste so bad.

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